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Self-Made and Unaccountable People Don’t Exist.

Justice A Human

Nobody is self-made or unaccountable.

As human beings, we have limited free will.

    • We cannot change some aspects of our lives (e.g., our biological parents; where we were born; many of our physical features; etc.). This is the “limited” in limited free will.
    • But we can change many aspects of our lives and can always choose how to respond to that which we cannot change. This is the “free will” in limited free will.

Because of limited free will, no human being is self-made or unaccountable.

    • While living our lives and employing our limited free will, every one of us is impacted (sometimes positively and sometimes negatively) by circumstances, events, and other people. Nobody lives in a vacuum. Some of these impacts are “given to us”, while others are “chosen by us”.
    • Because each human being is impacted by some things they didn’t choose/achieve, and other things they did choose/achieve, there is no merit to the ideas of self-made or unaccountable¹ people. (This is not to say we all have the same number of opportunities or same amount of luck. We don’t. But we all face the same reality of limited free will.)

Since we all have limited free will, and none of us is self-made or unaccountable, the most important choice we make daily is whether to be an owner or victim of our life.

    • Choosing to be an owner or victim of our life impacts every other choice we make and action we take.
    • Regardless of how blessed we are with opportunities and luck, we will get more out of life if we choose to be owners.


That’s REAL to me.


¹ Human beings meeting the clinical definition of insanity can be exceptions in a court of law.