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For A Better Nation, We Use REAL.

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For a better US, we the people need to be the best us.  And that starts with clear thinking and smart action.  Using REAL can help.


Our Nation’s Situation

The challenges and opportunities we face as a nation are complex and evolving faster than ever before.  They require a disciplined approach to understanding reality based on a respect for science and facts, a caution for bias, and the willingness to retire outdated ideas and models.

All progress – and that which stands in its way – comes down to people.  We must understand the perspectives of the people impacted by the challenges and opportunities we face.  Doing this requires moving beyond stereotypes and tribalism and engaging on the level playing field of our shared humanity.

We are a great nation – arguably the greatest ever.  And there is still much left to do to realize our potential.  We owe it to those who came before us and generations to come to build upon our strengths, solve our problems, heal our wounds, and become an ever-brighter beacon of liberty, hope and prosperity.

Too often politics are driven by obsolete doctrines, emotion, or unfettered self-interest – all working against our nation’s best interest. Our disciplined approach to understanding reality must be coupled with thoughtful decision making based on our shared values, probability, and the will to make tough calls for the greater good.


Using REAL

Reality: Not mistaking how things seem for how things are.
Science and facts matter.  We approach information sources with curiosity and healthy skepticism, evaluating their credibility, bias, and incentives, as we use them to understand reality.

Empathy: Not missing insights and opportunities others offer.
Listening to understand matters.  We hone our ability to walk in other people’s shoes – especially those with whom we disagree – and remember our shared humanity.

Aspiration: Not confusing hopes for goals or activity for productivity.
Striving for better matters.  We expect clear thinking and measurable goals – focused on productivity, not just activity – from our leaders, peers, and ourselves to chart a path to a better future.

Logic: Not confusing easy decisions for good decisions.
Making good decisions matters.  We expect smart actions based on thoughtful decision making from our leaders, peers, and ourselves to guide the journey to a better future.


We realize a nation healing itself and laying the groundwork for a better future does not happen overnight.  But it does happen.  And a simple-yet-powerful acronym (REAL) promoting clear thinking and smart action catching on with a nation’s people can help the process along. It can inspire and equip individuals to realize better futures for themselves, their families, their communities, their states, and our nation.  And that’s what we’re all about.  That’s REAL.

Pyramid with levels for Nation, States, Communities, Families, Individuals.