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What type of organization is REAL, and why was it started?

We are a socially conscious, US-based, lifestyle brand and media company on a mission to make our nation better.  We launched REAL out of frustration and concern for the state of our nation.  Here was our thought process:

  • We as a nation have the capacity to be so much better – we haven’t even scratched the surface of our potential.
  • We will no longer allow only the loudest (and too often the most extreme, divisive, and factually inaccurate) voices to shape our nation’s future.
  • We will use REAL (Reality, Empathy, Aspiration, and Logic) to help bring our nation together and improve it.

We realize a nation healing itself and laying the groundwork for a better future does not happen overnight.  But it does happen.  And a simple-yet-powerful acronym (REAL) promoting clear thinking and smart action catching on with a nation’s people can help the process along. It can inspire and equip individuals to realize better futures for themselves, their families, their communities, their states, and our nation.  And that’s what we’re all about.  That’s REAL.

Is REAL a brand or a movement?

Many brands these days are embracing their customers’ movements.  REAL is a brand that is a movement.

Is REAL affiliated with a political party?

No.  REAL simply promotes clear thinking and smart action across all political parties.

Is REAL liberal or conservative?

Neither.  REAL simply promotes clear thinking and smart action across the ideological spectrum.

Does REAL espouse any policy positions?

We understand the knee-jerk reaction to want to pigeonhole REAL.  In the polarizing social and political climate we find ourselves today, people often want to know who is “with them” – and assume any person, group or organization not “with them” is evil, dumb, or misguided.  We believe this is a big part of the problem.  The challenges and opportunities we face as a nation are complex and evolving faster than ever before – we all need to be making the effort to think clearer and act smarter.  In time this will bring us together and move us forward.

Is REAL only for Americans?

We are an organization based in the USA.  As we share above, REAL began from a desire to do our part to heal our nation and lay the groundwork for a better future.  But our nation is not the only nation in need of healing or desiring a better future.  We embrace anyone from any country interested in promoting clear thinking and smart action.  That’s REAL.  

Is REAL gear eco-friendly?

Yes.  Minimizing our environmental footprint is a priority for us.  We do only small runs with our suppliers, reducing the fabric waste going to landfills (a major problem in the apparel industry when organizations do large runs).  And we always strive to source the most eco-friendly materials for each item.

How do I contact REAL?

If you want to tell us how you use REAL – or tell us your thoughts and feelings about what we’re seeking to accomplish with REAL – we invite you to submit a visitor post.  If you have questions about an order, please reply to the email confirmation you received with that order.